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Directions to On-Snow Classes

Directions to On-Snow Classes
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Hi Friends,

Our sign up for Private Lessons is quick and easy.

Even if you are signing up for single lessons you will still need to place and N/A in the Student Two and Three boxes to complete the questionaire.

Thank you for your understanding and Think SNOW!!!


SKIING LEVELS  1-5   What you can do at this time with few or no falls.

1. New skier - No skiing experience.

2. Beginning skier - Can go straight and stop.  Some turning.  Needs help on beginner chairlift hill.

3. Wedge turn skier - Links wedge turns.  Skis independently on the beginner chairlift hill.  Green Circle & some Blue Square runs.

4. Christie skier - Can sideslip both ways.  Finishes last half of turn with matched skis. All Blue Square & some Black Diamond runs

5. Carving skier - Can match skis in most turns with pole plants.  Skis most advanced slopes.  All Black Diamond runs.

SNOWBOARDING LEVELS  1-4   What you can do at this time with few or no falls.

1. New snowboarder - No riding experience.

2. Beginning boarder - Can side slip on toe and/or heel edge.  Rides independently on the beginner chairlift hill.  Green Circle runs.

3. Turning boarder - Does toe/heel turns.  Rides easier slopes on big chairs.  All Blue Square & some Black Diamond runs.

4. Switch boarder - Can change from regular to switch stance while linking turns.  Rides most advanced slopes.  Black Diamond runs

When booking your lesson, at the top it will say "Lessons (Always Select One)". If booking for groups, look for the Add-Ons section where it will ask you to select "Number Of Participants In your Group".

Ski Lessons

Snowboard Lessons

There is no need to print these forms, but please read as they contain important information regarding cancellations, rescheduling and refunds.

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